About Us


It starts with you.  

That is the philosophy of Camplese Media. Whether you are envisioning a new website, managing a new workflow with remote employees, or attempting to figure out a social media strategy, we are ready to help you figure it out.  

Our consultative approach is grounded in the fact that one size does not fit all when it comes to digital solutions. Camplese Media projects always begin with a discussion about your challenges and needs. We are  highly knowledgeable in current technologies and how to integrate them, but we also know that quality design, understanding user needs, and alignment of workflow make the difference in the success of a project.  

Camplese Media  can help you with website development, workflow management, technology integration, graphic design, instructional design, and project management. Our team has over forty years of combined experience in analyzing information technology problems and creating innovative solutions that address all stakeholder needs. 

Let’s start a conversation about how we can help you.

Cole Camplese

Specialities: Consulting, Strategic Alignment, C-Suite Coaching, Needs Analysis, Workflow Solutions, Instructional and Educational Technology Solutions

Kristin Camplese

Specialities: Instructional Design, Project Management, IT Accessibility, Content Creation, Writing, Photography

Madeline Camplese

Specialities: Graphic Design, Photography, Website Design, Website Development, Content Creation, Social Media and Branding, Writing, Art and Fashion

Max Camplese

Specialities: Website Design, Website Development, Graphic Design, Social Media and Branding, Non-Profit Technology Solutions